Types of Business That Appear at Google Maps

Have you ever wondered what kinds of money making opportunities or business are eligible to appear in the free listing on Google Maps? Check out the post “Tips for creating a free business listing in Google Places: business types” as you might discover the way to advertise your business using Google Maps for FREE.

In order a business to be listed FREE at Google Map, the business needs to have a physical address which customers are able to visit and knock on the door. The business also needs a phone number at the given address. If your business met the basic qualification, you just have to learn to create the FREE listing, indicate the service areas and verified the listing.

I think local small businesses which open up a physical shop selling products and services have the advantages of using Google Maps. Especially businesses like restaurant, hotel, car services, grocery shop, pharmacy and clinic which people tend to search for the nearest location using Google Maps serves best. In other words Google Maps helps people around your business area discover your business and location easily. People who are using GPA will have a higher chance of finding your business if you have something they want. You don’t have to spend so much money printing brochure for advertisement. The FREE listing at Google Maps might just be the best advertisement.

P/S: If you’re interested in making use of Google Maps for your online business or money making opportunities. Perhaps the best way is to go to a local business nearby and offer your service to help them create a simple website for their business and list it to Google Maps. You may then ask for credits by placing your blog or website link in their website. In fact this idea might turn out to be a good money making opportunities if you do it right. You can do it for FREE initially just to promote your service. Sooner or later, you’ll receive offers from other local businesses who are interested in creating a simple website and get listed on Google Maps.



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3 Responses to “Types of Business That Appear at Google Maps”

  1. Kevin says:

    I have never thing about that as actually Google local listings have never work very well on my of the websites that I have worked for. However, I can offer this service to my customers, but probably will be for free.

  2. praveen says:

    I’m sure now i can list my business in google maps. Thank you very much

  3. Jake says:

    I understand that ranking position in the local listing, important for crowded categories, is based on the number of yellow/super pages listing and the number of reviews found at google places and elsewhere.
    Some have managed to get P.O. box service addresses accepted in local listings, that probably won’t last.

    Unrelated: google tweaked their algorithm after one store got ranked by abusing a lot of customers i order to induce them to write bad reviews on complaint sites, seems that G wasn’t distinguishing good from bad.