Top free blogging apps for android and iPhone

Initially we do blogging using desktop.  As the computer is large and bulky, it usually station at home. Thus we can only blog when we are at home. When laptop is introduced, bloggers start to enjoy blogging at any place they want. This is the era bloggers start carrying their laptop going around places looking for nice coffee shops to hang out. Bloggers usually order one cup of coffee and sit for hours blogging. Instead of coffee, some bloggers will start asking for seats with power plugs and extension. Initially it is a big problem for coffee shop owners because bloggers will sit for long hours but only order one cup of coffee. But once smartphone and tablet devices start to bloom, it becomes a trend to blog in coffee house. In fact it has become a trend to enjoy coffee while playing with mobile devices. Initially coffee house use to be a place where people get together for coffee and chit chat, but now we see people just sit there quietly diving into their mobile devices. When you are having problems finding topics to blog, it is best to hit out a nearby coffee shop with your mobile devices. You might find inspiration having a nice cup of coffee while enjoying the environment. If you like to have a blog of your own and tries to write something using your mobile devices, below is a list of the top free blogging apps that you can install for android and iPhone.

Live Journal
Type Pad
Hub pages

Honestly it is convenient to blog from mobile devices. It is heavy to carry a laptop to a coffee house. Unless I’m planning to sit in a coffee house for more than 5 hours, a smartphone is good enough for me to write a 200 words blog post less than an hour. If I’m planning to write at least a thousand words long blog post, I’ll be bring my laptop to coffee house. It feels more comfortable having my hands on the keyboard while blogging.



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