The Top 10 Best WordPress Google Adsense Plugins?

If you are looking for a WordPress plugin which helps you to manage and insert Google Adsense, there are actually lots of choices available. Especially if you are trying to insert Google Adsense code inside your blog post, in between posts and any location that you like, you will have to get the right suitable WordPress plugin to do the job. After researching and going through lots of available plugins listed online, below is the list of top 10 best Google Adsense insert WordPress plugin I can find.

  1. Adsense Manager
  2. Easy Adsense
  3. Ad Injection
  4. All In One Adsense and YPN
  5. Quick Adsense
  6. Adsense Now!
  7. Insert Adsense
  8. Instant Adsense
  9. WP Adsense Plugin
  10. Adsense Extreme

Although I find it very convenient to make use of the plugins above, I still prefer to insert Google Adsense code manually. This way I can learn to read some basic HTML and CSS code. It helps to understand the structure of my blog better. But most important of all I try to reduce the number of plugins installed. Installing too many WordPress plugins will increase the size of the blog, memory usage and the loading speed of the blog. If you are trying to insert Google Adsense code manually, check out Adding Adsense WordPress Guides from The Tamba2.



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