The Choice of Blocking Google Ads

Lately Google has an interesting blog post title “Ad blocking part 1: To block or not to block?” This blog post will be discussing some of the commonly asked question by publishers regarding the ads blocking feature. If you are a publisher of Google Adsense, I’m sure you have already checked out the ads block feature within the Google Adsense account. The first thing that comes in my mind when I started to block some of the ads which are not related to my blog is that will it affect my Google Adsense earnings. I even thought about trying to clean up the ads by checking it daily in order to increase my Google Adsense earnings. After checking and blocking some of the ads for few months, it didn’t seem to affect much. That is my experience towards blocking Google Adsense ads. If you are trying to figure out how blocking ads might affect your Google Adsense earnings, check out the blog post above. Although I can tell you that it won’t affect much on the earnings, don’t take my word just that. Join the Google+ Hangout On Air which focused on ad blocking and ask the question directly yourself. You will learn more about ad blocking by asking questions and listening to answers from Google Adsense team. The Hangout takes place on Tuesday, August 7th at 10am PDT.

P/S: The ads blocking feature is not for the purpose of increasing Google Adsense earnings. It is to protect publisher’s existing business or interest within the site. I suppose we can say that Google does not guarantee the ads display will not have a conflict interest with the site.



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