Synchronize Microsoft Office with Google Docs and Google Apps using OffiSync

microsoft office link with google docs and google appsI’m sure most of you are familiar with Microsoft Office, Google Docs and Google Apps. As a blogger these are the tools that we often use to produce our work. If you’re a heavy user that constantly switches between these tools, perhaps you might consider synchronize your Microsoft Office with Google Docs and Google Apps. By installing an application call OffiSync, you’re able to synchronize changes between the same file modified simultaneously by multiple users online. Files can be saved directly from Microsoft office to Google Doc and allowing lots of users to work on it together. This actually solves the problem of comparing updates and changes on a document when a group of people are working on it.

OffiSync is free to use but only for standard version. You need to pay $12 per year or $30 onetime fee if you wish to use OffiSync Premium version. Honestly I think the standard version is just enough for simple normal usage. Unless you need to work with a group of people online and need to see changes made by other collaborators in real time, then you’ll need the Premium version. As for OffiSync Standard version you can save and open Office files directly to Google Docs within Microsoft Office. Emails can be added manually or choose from your contact list the people you wish to share right from within Microsoft Office. Google search feature can be use within Microsoft Office. Images, files and information from the web are able to insert into documents and presentations right from within Microsoft Office’s toolbar.

All the above features can help speed up work and things can be done efficiently. Especially for those that work from home and need to share their progress with multiple users at the same time, OffiSync can be very useful. Normally if 4 people are involved in the same project which needs to produce a single report, we normally email the documents and compare information. We also need to get together either online or directly to compile the entire document produced. Things can be very confusing if more people are involved and documents are not managed well. OffiSync Premium version can solve this problem as there is only one document produce as changes or edits are done real time on the same document.

OffiSync really helps to push work at home easier and simple. We don’t have to work alone at home but able to work together with anybody in the world at home. As lots of work can be done at home, we then have a choice to choose to work at home or at the office.

P/S: Unfortuantely OffiSync is no longer available.



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  1. Patric says:

    About a couple of months ago, I start using this options with my SEO team, as well we added DropBox for file sharing and CRM software. I think this is the easiest way to keep everything up-to-date and not doing double job.