StartupNation Helps in Pursuits of Money Making Opportunities

entrepreneurs money making opportunitiesJust like what is stated in the title, StartupNation is a free service founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. StartupNation has two things that make it special. The first thing is the rich content that helps entrepreneurs towards success. You can find lots of articles, step by step tips and video guides that are focus on creating and running a successful business. The second thing is the online community environment which gathered lots of successful entrepreneurs and those that are interested in running business. There is also a Google Map which can locate other members or entrepreneurs that are close to you.

Jeff and Rich Sloan are founders and creators of StartupNation. The brothers have been doing business ever since they are teenagers. There are lots of story and video clips about the brothers available in the website. You may check it out later but now let’s go back to the things available at StartupNation. There are actually lots of stuff that you can check out at StartupNation, for example step by step guides, articles, forum, groups, networking, expert blogs, podcast, contests and many more. Best of all it’s free. Well, I suppose free is one way to gain members and readers. As this is a website that gathers entrepreneurs and those that are interested in doing business, you can find professionals, partners and opportunities by checking out the community. All you have to do is participate in discussion or post an announcement. Just post a simple question regarding your problem or request and I’m sure you’ll get some response. The knowledge hub section is my favorite section. There are lots of articles, step by step guides and video clips that covers from starting a business first timer to running and maintaining the business. Although I’ve been studying and learning about online entrepreneurs for years, still there is lots of information that I’ve yet to discover, which I can found within the rich resources of StartupNation. As for the Business solution sections, it’s basically a place where companies sell their service. In this section you’ll find coupons, products, discounts, services, franchises, website hosting, equipments, insurance and many more. In other words, this is a section where you spend money.

No doubt StartupNation is a website created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, but still the website is focus more on US. It works much better if you’re staying in US or Canada. By the way StartupNation is not just about online entrepreneurs but offline entrepreneurs also. If you’re offline entrepreneur then you’ll find that most services and proposal are mostly in US or Canada. Even if you’re from places other than US you still can benefits from the tips, guides and articles.

P/S: It will be a good idea to sign up as a member and built your profile. It’s a good way to promote your blog and services. Besides you might find people who have same interest that can work together and make money.



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