Simple SEO for Your Money Making Opportunities Blog

SEO or Search Engine Optimization as we know is a very important aspect which we need to work on if we are hoping to increase our money making opportunities online. It’s actually a big topic to learn and the methods changes from time to time. That’s because once major search engine changes their rules of arranging blogs and websites, the method of SEO changes as well. Sometimes it can be annoyed and frustrated as the rules of the game can change overnight. All the time and effort spend will go to waste just like that. This is the reason why I try not to apply too much SEO but focus more on creating good quality content. No matter how the rules of the search engine changes, it still doesn’t change the fact that viewers are looking for good quality content. Once you keep that in mind and continue to pursuit money making opportunities by providing good quality informative content to viewers, you’ll survive the changes. Especially in the cyber world, things change and update fast. You can either keep up the changes fast or maintain unaffected by the changes to continue playing the game.

Here’s a site call SiteScore which enable users to check their site score. The so call site score is basically a 1 to 10 rating given according to the blog popularity at search engine, social media, traffic, social bookmarking and blog content. All the above points will add up to provide a site score rank. Although this is just a simple evaluation of how good a blog or site is, but still users can make use of the advice given.

P/S: SiteScore provides a simple way of checking and improving blog instead of using SEO.



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3 Responses to “Simple SEO for Your Money Making Opportunities Blog”

  1. Jake says:

    I have never try this website and honestly I was searching for web tool that is doing this job. Most of the times I am using Woorank and Websitegrader.

  2. Roger says:

    I just checked this website and test and I think results are really inaccurate. I checked my websites, I also checked top 10 in the same niche, websites older than 10 years are showing low results.

  3. Jason says:

    Definitely the test lacks some explanations from where this results come and what results are based. I think Technorati and Blog Grader are showing better information.