Simple Guide or Steps to use Google Insights for Search

Check out Google Insights for Search and see what the world is searching for. This is an interesting feature provided by Google which user can make use to create content. There are lots of examples provided which users can take a look and learn how to make use of Google Insights for Search. Basically users can find top searching keywords and continue rising searches keywords according to geographic distribution, categories, timeline and types of search. There are lots of ways you can make use of this feature. Here is one of the methods that I normally use to help create my content or article.

Take for example if I need to create content for a blog about business. Try searching the keywords using the setting below. Set Compare by for Search terms. Leave Search terms blank. Set Filter as Web Search, United States, Last 90 days and Business & Industrial. Please refer to the picture below.

Click search and you will get below keywords.

Base on the keywords, you should be able to figure out few of the main topic people are searching. Write your article surrounding the main topic using the provided keywords if possible. It will be better to do some research base on the keywords so that you have more ideas and content to write.

You can change the geographic distribution if you are targeting specific region or city. Change the timeline to last 7 days, last 30 days, last 12 months or specific year to gather different groups of keywords to write about. Write at least an article or blog post per day. You should be able to see the result within couple of month. I’m sure the first thing that you will notice is the increase of traffic.



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