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I post about how to create WordPress theme online without the knowledge of programming languages previously. So I thought it would be appropriate to introduce some simple WordPress Guides that you might need when uploading the theme. WordPress Guides by Podz can be considered the best guide that I found so far. The site covers almost all the basic things that you’ll encounter when working on WordPress. It might not be prefect but the instruction is easy to follow. Besides I like the way the instructions are displayed. Not too much writings and difficult words. Totally different from the guide that you found at the wordpress home page which is hard to understand. There are images followed after the instructions in this site so that you are able to know you are on the right tract. Few of the topics that I like are:

  • Installation of CPanel X, Ensim, Plesk and vDeck
  • Moving your blog to another host or to a new domain name
  • Put WordPress on a USB stick
  • Upgrading WordPress

There are many other useful tips that you can find regarding WordPress. So check it out.

P/S: Unfortunately WordPress Guide by Podz is no longer available.



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2 Responses to “Simple Easy WordPress Guide”

  1. Zack says:

    Great resource, thanks so much! Wish I’d seen this earlier on in my WordPress learning curve.

    I had also found these on my journeys (no affiliation whatsoever):

  2. Kumo says:

    Thanks for sharing. The process of learning will always continue. The same WordPress that you learned previously might be out dated after a few months. It’s always better to keep on update the information that we know.