Sharing your screen with others

One of the money making opportunities online which many people tend to do is offering services online. Some of the online services include tutoring, counseling, advising, coaching, consultation and problem solving guide. These online services usually require visual and audio aid in order to provide the best services for customers. Live stream video, online chat and online screen sharing makes it possible for one person who is staying in the other side of the world selling and providing their professional skill. Below are some of the tools which we can make full use as it is free.

screenleapThe first tool is called Screenleap. Basically users can share their screen instantly to any device with a browser without any installation, downloads or sign up. This feature is very handy as users can make use of their screen to show viewers solutions, graphs, statistics, analysis and drawings instantly while talking to them online. Users who try to share their screen will require JAVA enable on their laptop or desktop. Just go to the website, click “Share your screen” button and then click the “Run” button to enable JAVA application. A link will be generated which users can send for their viewers. Users are also required to send the code generated to viewers too. Viewers can start watching once the code provided is entered into the page link provided. The benefits of Screenleap are fast, simple and easy. Unfortunately this tool is not 100% free. Users can only enjoy 1~2 hours of free usage daily and only up to 8 viewers.

google plus hangoutsGoogle + Hangouts and Skype also provide similar feature of sharing screen. Google + Hangouts can even allow users to access other people’s computers with Remote Desktop app. This feature comes in very handy as users can remotely access others PC and solve their computer problem directly. One of the good things about using Google +Hangouts and Skype is that it is totally free. The downside is that users require signing up an account and downloading software for installation. Thus screen sharing is only possible when both sides signing up for Google + Hangouts or having Skype installed.

skypeScreenleap, Google + Hangouts and Skype each have their own advantages when it comes to screen sharing. It is up to users to decide and make full use of them. When it comes to provide the best services online, it is all about using the right tool at the right time. Having additional tools can come in handy especially when you are facing unexpected situation. Take for example when you are only require to show viewers 5 sec of your screen once, it is better to use Screenlead instead of asking viewers to sign up or install Skype. The key is not to give too much trouble for your viewers or customers.



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