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showyouradhere is similar to OIOPublisher and 125box. The site is created by Mark of Basically it’s a tool that enables you to sell 125×125 and different sizes of private ads on your blog. All you need to do is signup, add your blog or site, copy and paste the code into your blog and you are set to go. Before an advertiser purchase the ad spot, you can setup few ads of your choice instead of leaving it empty. The ads can set to rotate evenly. When the ad spot is purchased, then all your ads will turn off and the advertiser’s ads will be shown.

Since you just have to copy and paste the code without any installation, you can apply this service on free hosting services like Blogspot. The code is java script so it should be no problem. is still new and lots of improvement needs to be done. You’ll notice it as soon as you visited the site. Feedback, advice and comments are welcome as the site trying to provide a simple private ads selling service. The site takes 25% cut and publishers will get the remaining 75%. All payments are done through PayPal. You can earn more by becoming an affiliate. You’ll get 10% of all the spending of the advertisers you referred.

You can check out as they introduced They also have a video on YouTube about it. Take a look and comment if you like. The service that the site is trying to provide is what most bloggers looking for. Let’s see how good they service are. My first impression for is simple and easy. As for their services, I’ll let you know after I test it out for a few months.

P/S: is no longer available.



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4 Responses to “Sell Your Private Ads with ShowYourAdHere”

  1. I’ve considered using something like this but I still just sell my ad spots myself. That way I keep 100% of the money!

  2. Entrepreneur says:

    I see no use for this kind of service at all. It doesn’t take that much work to accept payment and put up an ad. A 25% cut is huge! And for what? To save you 10 minutes?

    The only reason anyone should use it is if they are a lone problogger with 30 sites that need daily updating.

  3. Kumo says:

    Well, at least we have the options to spare the cut or not. I personally are more interest in the market exposure.

  4. James says:

    I have try it and it is working well for me, the small format give a lot of opportunities and with proper marketing strategy can generate nice wage every month.