Search your Domain Name using Domainr

When it comes to getting a domain name, we normally end up “Domain taken” unless we are trying to get a special unique name. When that happens we try to get similar domain name or going for .net or .org instead of .com. Looking for a best similar domain name can be difficult if we don’t get any help.

If you’re stuck in getting a good domain name, try Domainr. It might not seem like the best domain search engine, but Domainr can helps to explore every possible domain name available. All you have to do is type in the name and the search engine will return possible domain names and their availability. You may also search for non-Latin internationalized domain name using Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese and Hindi language. Domainr supports and covers the entire global namespace of domain, which includes generic domains, country Domains, second level domains, sponsored domains and internationalized domains. Bear in mind that Domainr only helps to search for possible domain names. It does not help to register. Domainr will link to registers and you just have to take it to other website.

If you’re in buying and selling domain name, I’m sure you’ll find Domainr a useful tool. It’s a money making opportunities if you’re able to secure a domain name which everybody will be talking about in future. It’s an investment that requires less than $100 which has a potential of earning millions of dollars.



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