Review Your Blog or Website With Woorank

blog and website tool for search engine optimizationGoogle Analytics and Alexa is couple of tools which I often use to check the status of my blogs. The data, numbers, statistics and graphs give us an idea of where our blogs stand. This information allows us to keep track of our blogs performance and monitor the improvement and changes we did. There is also another online tool call Backlink Watch which we can check the number of backlinks and sites which link to our blogs. All the online tools mention are free and the information provided is good enough for us to work on our blogs.

Here’s another website or blog analysis tool which I found very useful call Woorank. Blog or website owners able to run a free Woorank report by just entering the blog or website URL. A free report will be generated on a 100 points scale. Your blog or website will be evaluate base on 50 criteria including search engine data, website structure, approximate traffic, site performance and  many more. The report shows us the area of the blog or website we need to improve or fix with explanation, impact of the error and difficulties of solving it. Some of the errors or problems which my blogs encounter are Meta description and language. These are just simple problems which can be solved easily. The report also lists out number of backlinks including backlinks from .edu, .gov and Wikipedia. It also checks if the blog is listed in directories like DMOZ and Yahoo.

Lots of valuable information can be obtained using Woorank. Once you have successfully turned all the yellow and red circles on the right side of the report into green color, you’ll see some improvement of traffic gain. If you’re new to setting up your own blog, Woorank is a great tool to help improve your blog. The report generated will help you work on the blog and making it easier to capture by the search engine. In other words, it can help to build the blog towards search engine optimization.

P/S: The W3C validity is the one that gives me headache. This requires certain level of programming and HTML knowledge to fix the problems and errors. Although we can run the W3C validation service to detect the errors, you still have to know what you’re doing in order to make it right.



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4 Responses to “Review Your Blog or Website With Woorank”

  1. George says:

    I use Woorank plugin for Mozilla and I am quite happy. Some of the functionality is not always accurate, for example regarding social bookmark websites.

  2. Andrew says:

    W3C validity is not really important, as SEO I have worked on more than 100 websites and valid HTML have never been an issue. However Woorank is really good tool and generate comprehensive reports.

  3. saqib khan says:

    I have really used this tool for my site and gives a great insight knowledge of your site that you can take in account while making strategies for SERP rankings.

  4. Tauheed says:

    I still doubt the exact traffic rate it tells to you. Though other recommendation from this tool is very good for any newbie as well as experienced SEO. Sometimes we forgot to see basic things which this tool remind us.