Repairing Your Money Making Opportunities Online Blogs

Previously I introduced a website analysis tool call Woorank. The service is free and there is a lot of information and data can be analyzed to see how our blog or website performs. One of the items which I’m concern very much is the W3C validity. I ran my blogs using Woorank and found several errors and warnings. Although my blogs are functioning properly even with the errors and warnings, but still it’s kind of bug me if I don’t attend with the errors and warnings. It is going to be difficult to solve those errors and warnings because I don’t have much knowledge about CSS or programing. But still it’s not an impossible mission. I just need more time to learn up and get the right tools to help up.

Couple of tools I found which can help to identify the errors and warnings are W3C Markup Validation Service and CSS Lint. Both are online website tools which can help to detect the errors and provide solution and suggestions. W3C Markup Validation Service can be use directly after you get the analysis report from Woorank. Just check out the W3C validity under In-Site SEO and there is a link which runs the W3C validation service automatically. You’ll get all the information on errors, warnings, solutions and locations of errors. A minimum understanding of CSS knowledge is required to perform the repair. CSS Lint works almost the same but you need to copy and paste the code into the window and run it. It’s a bit troublesome but the error locations are highlighted. Compare to W3C Markup Validation Service which only provides line and column number, CSS Lint is much more direct.

W3C Markup Validation Service provides the overall information because the checking is done by using the URL of the blog or website. All the errors and warnings are shown. CSS Lint is good to analyze partial code by copy and paste the selection code into the window. It’s good to use both service to compare and verified the errors. But still the repairing work is as difficult as before. I try to repair all the errors and warnings as much as possible because leaving them unattended is not really a good sign.



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  1. Harry says:

    This is interesting, I have used W3C, but never seen CSS lint before, I think this is great tool and I am going to give a try now with the CSS of my latest websites.