Protecting Your Passwords is Part of Pursuing Money Making Opportunities Online

The pursuit of money making opportunities online is not just about making money online. Once you found suitable opportunities and starting to make some decent income. You have to learn how to maintain the income or find ways to increase revenue. Most important of all you need to learn how to protect your online income. You can start by learning how to protect your passwords. PayPal, Google Adsense, Blog and Website accounts are some of the most important areas which you have to take extra care. Once others get their hands on your accounts’ passwords and IDs, you can kiss your online income goodbye. Check out the blog post title “Protect your passwords, protect your business” from Google Small Business Blog. The simple guide provided should be enough to get you starting with the basic alert and practice.

  • Use strong, unique passwords
  • Memorize your passwords or keep them secret
  • Don’t re-use passwords for important accounts
  • Add extra security
  • Run regular anti-virus scans

These are the basic precaution steps presented in the blog post. You can take a look at the video clip created by Google too. Additional resources are provided in the blog post. Please take some time to go through them because you will need all the knowledge and updated information to protect your passwords.

Another important issue I like to point out is regarding the scam emails received daily. These scam emails pretending as official emails from PayPal and banks requesting users to login through the link given. Usually these scam emails will inform the users that their accounts are being suspended and waiting for users’ response. DO NOT login using any links send by emails. If you are worry about your accounts, sign in directly from their official website which you normally practice.

P/S: Take a look at this blog post title “Is It Safe To Bank On Public Wi-Fi? How Not To Get Hacked!” from Yahoo News. If you are a frequent user who uses online banking for your online business, this is a blog post you should take a look carefully.



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