Protecting Tools of Money Making Opportunities

Lately my laptop that I’ve been using for more than 5 years broke down. The LCD screen seems to reach the limit of functioning. I’m Lucky that I’m still able to connect it to a monitor and retrieve all the information within. Although I’m still able to work on my pursuit of money making opportunities and keep on blogging, it will be very inconvenient without my old laptop.

We are told to backup our blog frequently just in case if something happen to the server, we still have the data to setup our blog again. That’s to keep our blog alive so that our years of effort will not be lost. Besides that I think we also need to take care of the tools that we use for blogging and pursuit of money making opportunities. I’m not just referring to the hardware computer like my old laptop. I’m also referring to the settings and tools inside the laptop. Things like bookmarks of blogs and websites which I constantly referred for latest information and resources, offline programs I use for research, writing and programming, and finally the computer settings that I spend days customize to suit my usage for maximum performance. If all these are lost, it’s going to take weeks to search and recover to my previous setting. Not to mention it’s certainly going to affect the quality and progress of my work. It’s just like a technician lost his handy toolbox. It’s definitely going to take some time to get back to the usual performance.

If you’re using more than one computer or still having your old laptop, it will be wise to setup additional toolbox. You don’t have to make it 100% similar but at least it has all the necessary tools to carry on with the pursuit of money making opportunities or blogging. You can even keep a list of the tools, websites, blogs and all the necessary information in word or notepad file. That way you’ll know what and where to gather all the tools and information. I would suggest setup your toolbox using Google account or use it to store your setting information. Google has lots of applications like doc, email, translate, directory and many more which enable us to work online. They even have Google Apps or business. It will be better to place a set of toolbox online in Google account.

Is it necessary for all these? Trust me, it is necessary. I suppose those who experience data lost due to laptop defect will understand. If you do the preparation, then you won’t have to go through the trouble just like I did.



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  1. John says:

    I’ve got similar experience last friday, my HDD crash, complete hardware failure and I’ve lost my work in the last 5 months. Thanks God that I used to have a back up on part of it on my external drive and laptop and all my passwords were store on Google dogs.