Page Rank Website Tools and Money Making Opportunities

I know that we should not be too obsessed with Google Page Rank, especially during this period of time. Google seems to delay the Page Rank update and nothing seems to change yet. Although we were told to forget about Google Page Rank and focus on producing quality content but still we can’t resist on keep on checking our blog or website Page Rank. I have to admit even if the change of Page Rank might not affect much on our money making opportunities online, but seeing the improvement of our Page Rank can brings motivation and encouragement to keep on blogging.
Here are some Google Page Rank website tools that you can use to check and keep track of the updates.

Google Page Rank Update
This website keeps track of the Google Page Rank Updates and confirms the changes. It’s a simple website that collects information regarding the Google Page rank changes constantly. Only major page rank changes are confirmed.
Google Page Rank Checker
This is the website that I often use to check the status of my Page Rank. You may even add a Page Rank Checker icon on your website or blog. The only drawback of using this tool is you have to type in the security code each time you check.
Page Rank Alert
This website keeps track of the Page Rank changes of your blog or website. When there is a change on your Page Rank, an email notification will be sent out.

The 3 Google Page Rank tools above are simple but they simply just provide the basic simple information you needed. You’re able to check and confirm if Google Page Rank update takes place, the time your blog Page Rank changes and check current Google Page Rank status of a blog.

P/S: Unfortunately these page rank tools are no longer available.



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4 Responses to “Page Rank Website Tools and Money Making Opportunities”

  1. PageRank is still the most important aspect of Google SEO in my opinion, but is something we publishers have no control over. But some of the things we can do to build our PR is asking for inbound links, writing better content, building our reputation among other publishers, marketing our articles, creating more internal links, deleting comment spam, and others. So that’s why people tell you to forget about PR and focus on other things.

  2. Kumo says:

    Comment spam is the most headache issue…

  3. George says:

    This tools could be a good idea a couple years ago, right now Google is trying to deprecate PR. There were delays with a couple of months in the last 3 PR updates. More and more often we see low PR websites in Google top 10 results.

  4. Kumo says:

    Well, at least for now PR is still a good reference for us to know where our blog or website stands.