Multiscreen and Translation Features for Blog are not as good as expected

This blog is design and created mainly base on laptop and desktop readers. The language use is English. As smartphone and tablet users increase drastically throughout the years, I have decided to install a WordPress plugin to make this blog mobile friendly. That means my blog will be able to adapt to the small screen size of smartphone or tablet without changing the blog design. In other words, smartphone and tablet users will have a better viewing experience when browsing and reading my blog. As all it takes is just by installing a WordPress plugin, it sounds a bit too good to be true. There are several WordPress plugin that we can use to make our blog mobile friendly. Some of the WordPress plugin are WPtouch mobile plugin, MobilePress, WordPress Mobile Pack and WP Mobile Detector. I try some of them by installing these plugins and use my smartphone to view the results. Although each of these plugins is able to adapt and squeeze all the information of my blog into the small screen size, I still don’t satisfy with the outcome completely. Well, I just feel that if I were to redesign or recreate my blog from scratch under the mobile site format, the result can be better. Two crucial factors such as small screen size and touch screen function will be take into consideration. This will greatly affect the blog design and the content written. The content of the blog might also be different because the targeted readers are different.

This goes the same with using a translation feature to switch a blog between English and Chinese. Remember that no matter how good translation software is use, the end result of the translation will still doesn’t sound right. Try it out using Google translation by inserting a single word to a paragraph. You will get a good laugh from the result. Thus if you are going to have another language for your blog, it is still best to do it manually. As the translation work takes a lot of time and effort, it is better to just stick to one single language.

P/S: I suppose this is still a good thing because we can make money online as translator or doing the work of transforming website to mobile site.



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