Mobile Site is not a must to lead smartphone users to your business

Setting up a mobile site is totally different than creating a normal website or blog. If you are hoping of targeting smartphone users, it is not necessary to have a mobile site. There are other ways to reach smartphone users too, and some of the methods are free if you know where to look for. But before we decided to build a mobile site, it is better to take some time to learn and understand the group of smartphone users. One of the best places to gain valuable information and reliable resources is Google. Check out the blog posts title “Mobile’s immediacy effect: Half of mobile search conversions happen in one hour” and “Understanding smartphone use in stores: Shoppers who use mobile more, spend more in store” from Google Mobile Ads Blog.

According to the information provided from couple of blog posts above:

  • 79% of smartphone owners are smartphone shoppers.
  • 84% of these shoppers use their smartphone to help shop while in store.
  • 82% of smartphone shoppers use mobile search to help make purchase decisions.
  • 77% of mobile searches occur at home or work.
  • 55% of conversions from mobile searches happen within one hour.

No doubt it is a fact that businesses are able to increase their sales and potential revenue by targeting smartphone users. You don’t have to invest a lot of money on smartphone marketing or creating a mobile site. All you have to do is leave a trail so that smartphone users are able to find your shop online or offline. Although it is much easier for smartphone users to find your business if you advertise online via Google or invest on other online marketing strategy, it is not a necessary unless you have the extra money.

If you don’t have the extra funds to even host a mobile site for your business, here are some suggestions that you can do so that smartphone users have the chance to find you.

Register Google Places for Business

Smartphone users are able to locate your offline business location via Google maps. This is a great way that enables smartphone users around your business area to find you.

Open a Blogger account from Google

Blog and write all about your business using this FREE blogging account from Google. Link it to Google Places for Business. Make sure that you set the blog viewable on smartphone.

There are many more FREE tools from Google which you can make use, but let’s just keep things simple. It is better to spend more time focus on grow your business and increase revenue than spend time working on all those free tools. In fact, the tools suggested above are enough to keep you busy for some time. And I think it is sufficient enough to help attract or lead smartphone users to your business door. Although it is good to have a mobile site, but remember that you need to spend time and money maintaining it.



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