Map Money Making Opportunities with MindMeister

online mind mappingMindMeister is a tool that enables users to create, manage and share mind maps online. Users can access the maps anytime from anywhere and work together with people around the world. It’s a real time collaboration utility which allows people to work simultaneously and see changes as it happens. MindMeister is a very useful tool either for business, students or freelancers.

MindMeister actually is a tool which allows people to draw a mind map. You started out by writing a main topic in the middle and start filling in the details by brunching out like a tree. This is a simple method which allows people to brainstorming and explores ideas. Right now we get to do it online at home with lots of people without having to invite everybody to a meeting room. Mind mapping is a popular planning technique used by cooperate teams, students and individuals. Students can use mind mapping to boost memory, brainstorm projects, archive notes and prepare presentations. In businesses mind mapping is used for meeting management, account planning, project management and SWOT analysis. As for individual, mind mapping is used for getting things done, vacation planning, family organization and remembering ideas. We used to do mind mapping on papers. Now we can do it virtually online. It’s much convenient and effective as information can be share easily.

I think MindMeister is very useful for freelancers and those in pursuit of money making opportunities. You can use it to plan projects, analysis, follow up things and get it done. Best of all you can use it to list and display your plans on money making opportunities. There are lots of money making opportunities online. Just a glance on this blog I’m sure you’ll find more than 20 ways to create your source of income online. As there are so many of them, keeping track and follow up might be a problem. With the help of MindMeister you can create a simple mind mapping which helps to manage and organize all money making opportunities that you’ve tried.

P/S: Although we get to create only 3 mind maps on FREE account, but I think that’s more than enough. Besides there are so many useful public maps that we can access, we don’t have to create them all by ourselves. Some of the maps under business category are very informative. You should check it out.



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3 Responses to “Map Money Making Opportunities with MindMeister”

  1. Tim Girard says:

    Speaking of money making opportunities with mind meister, they also have an affiliate program.

  2. Kumo says:

    This is good news indeed. Thanks for sharing.

  3. George says:

    I got 3 useful tips and tools from your blog today. I think this really can be useful for business and maximize conversion if used properly.