Making Full use of Linkedin for Money Making Opportunities and Social Network

professional social networkingI’m sure most of you heard of Linkedin. At the beginning Linkedin is just a website that I use to search for jobs or scout for better work position. Later I discover that most users at Linkedin are from professional fields like engineering, business, marketing, doctors, lectures and entrepreneurs. Linkedin works just like FaceBook but with main focus on business opportunities, money making opportunities, career development and professional discussions. Once you’ve studied the type of audience and users at Linkedin, you’re able to take the next step to make full use of Linkedin for money making opportunities or other professional usage.

The first step is getting to know the people around you who are using Linkedin. Just go ahead and sign up for an account at Linkedin as it’s FREE. Take the time to fill up your profile in details especially your qualification and working experience. Depending on your profile and setting, the search engine at Linkedin will show your profile to related groups or fields. If you’re determine to look for a better job or scouting for a position in a particular company, make sure that you have completed your profile 100%. You’ll need to ask for recommendation from your friends or colleague who uses Linkedin in order to get to 100% profile completion. You may link your WordPress blog into your profile by adding the appropriate application into Linkedin. The BlogLink application allows multiple blog post at the same time makes it very handy for those who own lots of blogs. This will help to promote your blog and gain traffic from professional viewers.

Next you can start to add your contacts and follows some of the groups that you like. This is where you start to build your network. If you are an employee or were an employee in a big international company like SONY, Motorola, Intel, Citibank or Toyota, you have a good chance to spread your connection globally. I manage to get lots of connection just by applying the keywords engineering and SONY. Start from the person or colleague that you know and branch out from there. When you look for groups to follow, you’ll find that lots of them are actually looking for certain professionals by starting a discussion. If you write a detail profile with 100% completion, you’ll have higher chances of securing your dream job. In fact there is a jobs section which you can search for suitable job by experience, functions, industries, post date, location and relevancy. You will be shown a list of jobs that you might be interested once you click on the jobs section. Finally check out the applications page to install the tools that helps to promote your professional skills, designs and products. Applications like SlideShare Presentations, Projects and Teamspaces, Google Presentation and Portfolio Display are very useful in showcasing your work and ability.

Once you have established your Linkedin account, just sign in regularly to check for updates. You don’t have to login daily but once a week is good enough. Just keep on expanding your network and edit your profile from time to time. If you have presented a detail profile, those who require your services or wish to discuss business will send you an email eventually. That’s the part of promoting yourself and making others easy to get to you. In the other hand you can find company, services, entrepreneurs or business partners by using Linkedin search engine. Or you may create a new group by discussing your goal, main purpose and intention. You may also make full use of Ask and Answer section to get the attention, information and help. That’s just some of the basic features that Linkedin provides with a FREE basic account type. You have the option to upgrade your account to business, business plus or executive type with month fees applied. These upgraded paid accounts include additional features which increase your exposure, resources and the ability to find the right people for the right purpose.

Linkedin is not just for small online entrepreneurs only. It works best for off line traditional businesses too. You just have to use it the right way. Besides Google account which has lots of applications that helps small businesses bloom, Linkedin provides the same kind of help too.

P/S: It will be better and wise to play around with Linkedin then Facebook. Remember that people get fired because of Facebook.



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3 Responses to “Making Full use of Linkedin for Money Making Opportunities and Social Network”

  1. Jane says:

    I have recently updated my profile information and Linkedin and I was surprised when I start getting more and more contacts from previous customers and companies I have worked before.

  2. George says:

    I think upgrading the basic account at Linkedin worth every cent. With premium account there are so many business opportunities. As well I think it is a good idea to add all possible widgets on your page.

  3. amber says:

    will be better and wise to play around with Linkedin then Facebook?