Making full use of Entrecard market

I’ve been using Entrecard for some time and will continue using it because of one particular reason. No doubt Entrecard can bring lots of traffic, especially for new blogs. Instead of paying for the traffics, you actually work hard to earn credits for the traffics. Earning a maximum of 300 clicks per day should brings lots of traffic and allow you to advertise on other blogs. All it takes is an hour of clicking. It’s a good deal without having to pay.

If you work hard on getting 300 credits per day, you can use the credits to purchase extra services on Entrecard market. This is the part that kept me using Entrecard. You can even sell your service or products at Entrecard market, just that you’ll have to trade it with Entrecard credits. Here’s a list of things that you can buy or sell at Entrecard market.

  • 125×125 ads
  • Place comment
  • RSS subscription
  • Backlinks
  • Post reviews
  • Digg
  • Stumble upon
  • Fav Technorati
  • Delicious bookmark
  • Install WordPress
  • Prove writing
  • Banner design
  • WordPress theme design
  • Ebook

There are lot more items that people sell in Entrecard market but I just can’t list all of them. Just go ahead and check it out yourself. If you required a particular service or product, just put up a notice or make an offer.

No doubt the idea of Entrecard market is good. Just that the site doesn’t seems to put much attention to make it better. Those of you trying to check the market help section might find yourself a page not found. That means you just have to figure it out how the market works. I strongly believe the Entrecard market can become popular among bloggers. It’s a place where bloggers can use their hard work clicks to exchange for other services. I just hope that Entrecard can realize the importance and starts to put more effort on improving the service. I think they can start by preparing the market help section.

P/S: Entrecard is no longer available.



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6 Responses to “Making full use of Entrecard market”

  1. tommy says:

    drop EntreCard on your site 🙂
    but where’s the backlink come from? link exchange?

  2. Kumo says:

    There are some that sells backlinks or link exchange in the Entrecard market. You may check it out.

  3. Susan says:

    Have you tried CMF Ads? They recently added a feature called Spikes where you can get a “spike” in your traffic for a nominal fee. I still like EntreCard but, I have recently had greater success with CMF Ads.

  4. Kumo says:

    I’m using CMF Ads too. Just that I don’t apply it on this blog. Yes I can see that CMF has improve a lot but the cost of Ads is just too low. That is why I did not use it on this blog.

  5. EdZee says:

    I am also using Entrecard but I only aim for an average of 100 EC credits per day. Dropping cards on too many sites can increase traffic to you blog when they reciprocate your drops. This may result though to very high bounce rate. Anyway, all referral sites have high bounce rate.

  6. Kumo says:

    I think an average of 100 EC drop rate is good enough.