Make Your Blog Mobile Friendly using WPtouch Plugin

More than 25 million people are using iPhone and about 100 million people are using cell phone throughout the whole world. Eventually the world is heading for Smart phone usage in future. So a lot of people are starting to online and browsing using their cell phone. It will be a good idea to start making your blog mobile friendly. There is no guarantee that might gives you a boost on your blog traffic, but surely it creates another alternative for people to check out your blog using cell phone.

I suppose we can start using WPtouch plugin for WordPress from now. WPtouch can automatically transform your WordPress blog into an iPhone application style theme. This application can viewed from iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Opera Mini, Palm Pre and BlackBerry Storm mobile devices. The admin panel allows you to customize a lot of stuff but I think you don’t have to do anything but just install it. The automatic feature is good enough to make your blog display nicely on cell phones. If you’re wondering how your blog looks like on an iPhone, just check out the video clip below.

Once you’ve install WPtouch plugin to your blog, next you’ll be thinking should I start working on my blog to suit viewers from cell phone. Well, that’s a good question. In fact I think this is a question that we should be considering. In my opinion we need to prioritize which area we need to focus on. We have to decide either to focus on cell phone small screen viewers or desktop big display viewers. The approach will be different because there is a big difference between those two viewers. It will be better to do a research on viewers who likes to browse through small cell phone screen before you start blogging. That is if you’re targeting them as your readers. Take for example of my blog ToastEggMe Money Making Opportunities, I will still focus on readers that are using desktop and notebook. Having mobile friendly display is just trying to have an alternative for my readers.

P/S: Remember that most readers do not read from the web. (According to UX Myth #1) Not to mention having your blog display on a small cell phone screen, not much reading can be done.



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  1. You’re correct that you’re missing a lot of the potential readers if you don’t have a mobile view of your sites/blogs. I use WPTouch on one of my Word Press blogs and really love it. It’s a good plugin.