Make Use of Google Apps for Your Money Making Opportunities Online

One of the basic rules in pursuit of money making opportunities online is to make use of every FREE resource available. When it comes to free online resources, Google Apps is one of the free resources which many people use. Although Google Apps is not the best free resources online, but still if the features are sufficient to provide all the necessary aids you needed, it’s consider good enough. Remember that it’s about using the right tool, not the best tool. Check out the blog post title “Hundreds of ways to work smarter with Google Apps” from Google Small Business Blog as Google explains some of the ways Google Apps is being used daily. The examples provided are based on templates from the Google Docs and Google Sites template galleries. The examples consist of:

Create and preparing letterhead

Build and create budget spreadsheet

Creating Invoices in a spreadsheet

Create survey forms to collect feedback and comment from customers

Create business plan

Create and record project timeline

Build an internal website for own employees usage

Create project site to centralize project information.

Create team site for announcement and information sharing

Create employee profiles which employees can post their goals, resume and blog

The above are just some of the basic examples which we can do with Google Apps. If we can implement all the examples above, it’s already given a lot of benefits and privilege to the company. Not to mention if you’re looking for FREE resources online to save cost and improve productivity, Google Apps can be a good choice.




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2 Responses to “Make Use of Google Apps for Your Money Making Opportunities Online”

  1. Jonna says:

    Generally good idea which I have never consider as important, but I would agree that when is a question about money making, free resources are more than welcome.

  2. George says:

    I am using Google apps for quite a while. Great way to syndicate work and do the job faster without much effort. I hope Google will release more related to collaboration and project management soon.