Leverage The Benefits of Copy Paste using Tynt Insight

traffic money making opportunitiesOne of the problem that we blogger face is plagiarism. We spend lots of time writing and generating original content but then it is easily copied and paste in other blog. Sometimes it just felt frustrating. Lately I found out about his website call Tynt Insight which automatically gives a link back whenever the action of copy and paste is carry out. All we have to do is place a JavaScript into our blog and whoever copy and paste contents from our blog, a link that points back to our blog will be included automatically. How’s that sound?

Honestly I really think the link back is a good idea from Tynt Insight. When we copy and paste content from other blogs, we should at least include a link back. The link back action can now be done automatically with Tynt Insight JavaScript. I suppose this is good for blogs and websites with lots of original content. Lots of links can generate when people start to copy and paste. Lots of links are always good in terms of SEO.

One thing that I’m concern is that the numbers of links might increase desperately once the JavaScript is installed. That’s because every single copy and paste action carries a link back. So we’ll get lots of links back especially from low PR blogs or low quality websites. Normally a high PR blog will gives a link back without even using Tynt Insight. I’m actually worried about how this will affect my blog. Well, I guess the best way to find out is to test it out. I would advice others who are interested in this feature to try it out in just one of your blogs first. Monitor the effects and decide if this feature is good or not. Once you’re satisfied with the result then only implement to your other blogs one by one slowly.

Another feature that Tynt Insight has is the action based engagement metric. That means you’re able to know what content and images are copied. It’s almost similar to having the data of which links readers clicks most. This feature lets you know which part of your content is popular and mostly copied. It gives you an idea of the topic that you should concentrate writing. Well, in other words it’s like saying we should write more content that people tend to copy.

Overall I think Tynt Insight is a good tool. I’m just worried about how Google look at it. We just have to find out by testing it ourselves.

P/S: It might be a good idea to test it out on one of your blogs that has a low page rank. In case anything does happen you don’t have to worry about the Page Rank lost. Be sure to check out FAQ section before installing the JavaScript.



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