Keeping Tracks of Money Making Opportunities Posts with PostRank

postrankIf you’re using Google Reader to keep tracks of blog posts or news, you might want to consider using PostRank extension for Google Reader. The extension is design to score, filter and track performance of any RSS feeds. Imagine if you’re receiving hundreds of feeds every day, you definitely need a tool to list out the most relevant and important posts to go through. This will save time, energy and boost productivity. PostRank extension for Google Reader can help to do so, but you need to use either Safari or Chrome as the web browser. No doubt this is a great tool for those who need to go through lots of posts and information daily. Besides that we can also learn what type of post gets the most attention and traffic. The extension uses social statistics from readers online to determine what’s worth reading.

You might also consider take a look at PostRank Analytics. Just like Google Analytics, PostRank Analytics can help to grow your online audience. The tool can help discover influences, identify which social networks give the most traction and benchmark against competition. PostRank Analytics monitors the effect or impact of social networks towards your blog or site.

You can sign up for the Influencer plan for free when you sign up for PostRank Connect. The free plan allows you to track and compare 5 sites with 20 custom page tracking. This should be enough if you have less than 5 blogs. All these are free when you sign up for PostRank Connect to develop relationships with brands and agencies which needed your input.



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2 Responses to “Keeping Tracks of Money Making Opportunities Posts with PostRank”

  1. Roger says:

    Sounds good to me, more money making opportunities are always welcome. I have more than 20 websites and blogs so I guess I can find more ways to monetize my traffic.

  2. Andy says:

    I need to monetize few of my latest blogs, but honestly have not find good products to sell. Thanks for sharing.