Keep Alert on Your Money Making Opportunities sites

How do you know when your blogs or websites go down? Most of the times I found out my blogs were down when only I’m logging in to write a post. I check my blog and write at least a blog post every day. So if my blogs are down, it won’t take more than a day before I notice something wrong with my blogs. I’m still able to manage and handle all my blogs as I only have less than 10 blogs and websites. If you have more than 50 blogs to handle, can you monitor and keep an eye on every blogs? Especially when you have 50 money making opportunities blogs or websites which constantly making money, it’s very important to keep an eye on them and make sure they don’t go down.

Here’s an interesting site call Are My Sites Up? This site is for those who need to monitor lots of blogs or websites. The service provided by the site is simple. The site helps to monitor your blogs or websites and notified you when they are down. With a small amount of monthly fees, your sites will be check at least 96 times per day. It’s about every 15 minutes or less the check performs. If one of your blogs or websites is down, you will be notified either by SMS, phone, iPhone application, RSS feeds, Twitter Integration and email.

There is an affiliate program offered by the site to let you make extra money. The money making opportunities online is basically by referring other blog owners to sign up for the service. You’ll earn 20% for every successful premium sign ups or sales. You’ll make seven dollars when people sign up for a premium standard plan, thirteen dollars for a premium plan and nineteen dollars for a premium pro plan. Payments are done instantly via PayPal once the deal completed.

P/S: For those who cannot afford their blogs or websites to go down for a long time of period, this simple service can be a great help. Time is money. The sooner you get your blogs or websites back online, the sooner you continue back with businesses and continue making money.  The worst case scenario is having your customers or clients telling you to get your blogs or websites back online.



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