Is it Necessary to Get Your Own Free Blog Apps?

free blog appsIn order to let smartphone and tablet users view our blog properly, it is highly recommended that bloggers install plugins which enable readers to view your blog through a simple and elegant mobile theme. Although it might not be as perfect as mobile site, at least readers are able to browse through your blog easily. If you are planning to target mobile users, this step is a must. Now here comes the next question. Do you really need to create an app for your blog? That means readers are able to install a mobile apps which feeds in updated blog post directly without going through a browser. It is actually very convenient to read the blog post through mobile apps. But does it necessary to install a mobile app just to read your blog?

Whenever I get myself a new smartphone, the mobile device is always comes with ready installed apps which unable to delete. As these mobile apps already consume most of the space and memory, I can only install a few more mobile apps without max out the memory usage. In order to make sure my smartphone operates smoothly, I can only install couple of apps which I think important and necessary. So before you decided to create an app specifically for you blog, you need to ask yourself is the content of your blog so important that users willingly to make space for the app? Information such as stock market, forex or any other firsthand info which has an impact on the value of business deal is considered as important. I will definitely install the app if the information gain few minutes early can help make me some money.

If you think your blog content is valuable to your blog readers and they need an app to access the information quick, visit Free Blog Apps to create a free mobile app for your blog. All you need is your blog’s RSS URL to create the mobile app. It takes less than 3 minutes to create the app. As the mobile app is free, Free Blog Apps will be placing advertisement on the application.

P/S: Give it a try and take a look at how your blog post display on a mobile apps.



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