Introducing Google URL Shortener

affiliate link cloak toolSeems like many online company starts to get involve with URL Shortener services. At the beginning we can witness only various websites provide URL Shortener services. Lately the URL Shortener trend seems to affect big companies too and this include McAfee and Google.

McAfee URL Shortener is still in BETA version. The main feature of McAfee URL Shortener is to produce safer short URLs that FREE from virus. As for Google URL Shortener, the short URL provides lots of traffic information like number of clicks, traffic sources, referrers, browsers, countries and platforms. The click analytics can be seems once user sign in Google account. User can built lots of short URL and collect all the click analytics under their own account. The clicks analytics history can be listed as day, week, month or all time.

Google URL Shortener is very useful for business marketers or affiliate products sellers as they can track down the clicks analytics for their sales and business. Affiliate products sellers can use Google URL Shortener to hide affiliate IDs and at the same time collect click analytics. Instead of using affiliate link cloaker, Google URL Shortener can be used. Using Google URL Shortener is much better than using other URL Shortener services which probably might not be secure and safe. The short URL that user creates using Google URL Shortener does not carry any advertisement within. Not like McAfee URL Shortener whereby an advertisement frame will be shown above for all URLs created.



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One Response to “Introducing Google URL Shortener”

  1. George says:

    I saw this option about couple of days ago, when i was optimizing my rss feeds of Feedburner. I think it is great and look more trustworthy that the other similar services.