Increase Your Money Making Opportunities with Google Adsense General Category Extended

Google Adsense has releases the new category blocking feature to all publishers in English-speaking countries. It’s basically an update which offers publishers more control over the ads. Publishers are able to prevent competitors’ ads and unsuitable ads from appearing. The feature enables publishers to opt out of receiving ads from across 170 specific categories.

It is good that Google Adsense provides publishers more control over the ads appeared but there is no guarantee the changes can increase the money earn. In fact if you’re not careful with the category blocking feature, you might end up making less money than usual. So before you start to click on the category that you think might not be getting your site any money, it will be better to spend some time researching the best way of using it. That includes going through Google Adsense forum, Adsense related community and check out blog reviews on ads filtering. Your main goal is to use the ads filtering feature to increase your earning.

Basically there are two actions that you can do with ads filtering feature:

First is to filter unrelated categories that might not interest your audience.

Second is to filter out the low paying ads.

The first action is easy because you generally filter out categories that are absolutely not related to your site like political, travel or sports. This is to filter out those ads which your audiences are less likely to click on. In theory this should increases click through rate but again you have to experiment, test it out and confirm it. You should just filter out categories that are 100% non-related to your site and leave those categories which you’re not sure.

The second action is a bit difficult and complicated because you have to find out which ads give the lowest paid. Plus the ads which you determine having the lowest pay today might change when advertiser increases their investment. This is the part which I consider as a nonstop process to maximize Google Adsense earning. But still there are lots of tools and websites which can help us decide the ads to filter. At you can check out the list of most recent low paying advertiser. You can use SpyFu to check competitive keywords and determine the most paying category. You might not be able to filter all the unwanted ads but you can surely avoid filtering ads that are well paid.

Google Adsense ads filtering might reduce your earnings if you’re not careful. If you do it right, no doubt it will increase Google Adsense earning. So you should take your time testing, tuning and monitoring the results. Honestly, I rather spend my time producing good quality content but still if your Google adsense earning is way lower then you expected, it’s good to improve your ads quality by doing some filtering.

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2 Responses to “Increase Your Money Making Opportunities with Google Adsense General Category Extended”

  1. George says:

    I the last couple of days, my Adsense is generating clicks like never before and this is the Adsense on blogs. It is nice surprise for me. I think I finally tweak the colors and sizes.

  2. This was a good read as I’m still trying to get Adsense clicks on my website. It looks like I need to do some updating on my page