Improving your mobile website means improving your mobile money making opportunities online

If you own a blog or website, I’m sure you already enable your blog or website to display correctly in small smartphone display. But if you are trying to start a new mobile website which only focuses on smartphone users, perhaps you might need to put in extra time and work into it. A mobile website works totally different from a normal blog or website. You should not take for granted or under estimate the complexity of creating a mobile website. Especially if you are trying to create a mobile website for business purposes or trying to make money online by targeting smartphone users, it is very important that you learn and study everything about it sincerely. It is not about the knowledge that we gain but our ability to make use of the info and create something new or unique to make money online. Since mobile website is still new and most of the stuff are under development or improvement, our ability to spot the opportunities within can help bring in revenue.

If you are starting or creating a new mobile website, check out the blog post title “Checklist and videos for mobile website improvement” from Google Webmaster Central Blog. Although the checklist is just a compilation of all the advice and suggestion provided by Google, it is very useful for those who are just starting to create mobile website. It should not be difficult to understand and follow if you have experience in creating normal blog or website. The summery of the checklist is as below.

Step 1: Stop frustrating your customers

  • Remove cumbersome extra windows from all mobile user-agents
  • Provide device-appropriate function
  • Correct high traffic, poor user-experience mobile pages
  • Make quick fixes in performance

Step 2: Facilitate task completion

  • Optimize crawling, indexing, and the searcher experience
  • Optimize popular mobile persona workflows for your site

Step 3: Convert customers into fans

  • Consider search integration points with mobile apps
  • Brainstorm new ways to provide value

Remember to get yourself a smartphone and check out the mobile website personally. You have to experience and test out the checklist using a smartphone. There is no point going through the checklist if you did not position yourself as a smartphone user and test it out. You need to convince yourself before trying to convince other mobile users. It will be better if you get some of your friends or family members to check out your mobile website. Their opinions and comments can be very helpful in improving your mobile website. Usually mobile users only give one chance for mobile website to get to their heart. Mobile users will skip and move on to other mobile websites if they don’t like what they see. So you basically have one shot in converting mobile users into fans. Better make it right the first time.



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