Improving Mobile Site with PageSpeed Insights

In order to gain more readers or traffic, we constantly improving and updating our blog or website with the latest information, plugins, scripts and programming upgrades. While we are trying to put up everything that we know possible so that readers are able to gain benefits and rely on our blog or site for the information they needed, our blog or website can get messy and congested over time. Just like our house, our blog or website also needs some cleaning and organizing work.

One of the best ways to clean up our blog or website is making use of the site checking website such as PageSpeed Insights from Google Developers. Although the page is mainly about trying to speed up your blog or website by providing suggestions and advices, it also serve as a way to identify any error which your blog or website might have. The best part of the page is that it enables users to check their blog or website under mobile and desktop platform. Users just have to key in their blog or website URL and click analyze. Points are given and also suggestions on the things you need to fix and should fix. The page also provides some details on how you should fix the problems.

One of the most interesting parts is the User Experience rules for improving mobile friendly site. Instead of just focusing on the loading speed of a mobile site, the rules focus on usability issues so that mobile users can have the best experience while browsing your site. Some of the issues covered are the usage of plugins, configuration of the viewport, size content to viewport, size tap targets appropriately and the use of legible font size. Please remember this is just for references only. Scoring a full 100 points does not mean there is no problem with your site. It just meant there isn’t any big issue which might affect mobile users’ experience.



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