Implementing Google Adsense for Search Money Making Opportunities

I have been trying to make use of Google Adsense for Search in my blogs for some time but still the money earn are not quite satisfied yet. Seems like Google Adsense for Search Money Making Opportunities are not as easy as I predicted. Perhaps I just haven’t found the right way to make money with Google Adsense for Search. Lately a blog post title “Earn additional revenue from Adsense for search” from Google Inside Adsense blog introduces few ideas which we can make use of Google Adsense for Search. I suppose the blog post can give me some new idea about Google Adsense for Search.

The ideas presented in the blog post is actually very simple and brief, but I think it should be enough to trigger our inspiration to work out something for our blogs. Before we continue to explore those ideas, we should take a moment to think about the question “Why should visitors use Google Adsense for Search on our site instead of the search bar on their browser?” As users are much more familiar with the search bar on top of their browser, it’s unlikely they will use Google Adsense for Search on the site unless there is something special about it.

Good thing about Google Adsense for Search is that publishers are able to customize the search results according to the needs. Publisher can customize Google Adsense for Search just to search within own blog or website without leaving the site. Publisher can also expand the search results to include multiple related sites chosen only. Best of all publishers can narrow down the search results by using keywords. Either way, publishers just have to let users know that it’s easier to find what they want using Google Adsense for Search on their site. In most cases publishers customize the Google Adsense for Search perfectly just for the topic but they did not mention the specialty when placing it on their site. Thus viewers assume it’s just another regular Google Adsense for search and did not bother to try it out. So all you need to do is let viewers know and understand the customized Google Adsense for Search on your site which focus on a particular search. Once you state it out loud, it will definitely increase the rate of usage.



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  1. Jonathan says:

    Adsense is the evergreen of my money making strategy it appears on 90% of my blogs and websites, doesn’t make much money though it is paying for hosting and domains.