How to protect your site or blog from user generated spam?

When we talk about user generated spam, we usually are referring to comments. Especially if you own a popular forum site, dealing with spam comments is an important daily task. If you are having trouble dealing with spam comments, check out the blog post title “Protect your site from user generated spam” from Official Google Webmaster Central Blog.

According to the blog post, below are some of the tips or guides that you can try.

  • Keep your forum software updated and patched.
  • Add a CAPTCHA.
  • Block suspicious behavior.
  • Check your forum’s top posters on a daily basis.
  • Consider disabling some types of comments.
  • Make good use of moderation capabilities.
  • Consider blacklisting obviously spammy terms.
  • Use the “nofollow” attribute for links in the comment field.
  • Use automated systems to defend your site.

If you are still having trouble dealing with spam comments, my advice is checks out other popular blog, site or forum and see how others deal with spam comments. If you feel that their methods are suitable for your site, try it out. Honestly I think you can’t completely eliminate spam comments. As long as you are able to reduce spam comments until a minimum amount, that is consider good enough. Usually spam comments target sites that are easy to place comments. Thus one of the methods are try to make it difficult to place comments. Difficult meaning users have to qualified or earn the right to place comments. Examples are login at least 100 times, link with Facebook account, enabling sign up member and many more.

The war against spam comments continues as long as your site enables comment section. People will continue to find ways to place spam comments and take advantage of your comment section. Don’t let your guard down. Keep on monitoring your comment section and be alert of suspicious activities.



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