Hosting Own Blog is still the best way to make money online

There are a lot of money making opportunities online available nowadays. Almost any method you choose has the potential to make enough money to quit your full time job. You just have to choose the suitable money making opportunities online and do it right. And of cause you need to put in lots of time, hard work, determination and persistence in order to success.

No matter which money making opportunities online you choose, hosting own your blog is a must. The blog works as the main business base and starting point to pursuit for money making opportunities online. Although there are a lot of free blogging platform such as Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr and Livejournal, it is not worth taking the risk. The biggest treat of using free blogging platform is that you do not have absolute control over your blog. Your blog can be deleted without prior notice if you violated their terms and condition. That means years of hard work can vanish overnight. If you are seriously trying to make money online, invest some money and host your own blog.

As Facebook is the most popular social network online which many people are using, some people tend to build their business solely on Facebook. Some of them actually did very good and successfully make a lot of money, but still there is no guarantee that Facebook will not delete your account one day. Worst of all, we cannot backup the content or migrate to own hosting site. The best way to do this is using both Facebook and hosting your own blog. Place your content including photos, videos and audios on the blog and link or share it on Facebook. No doubt Facebook is a great platform to interact and communicate with customers or viewers, but it is definitely not a place to store content.

Another popular platform to make money online is mobile site. Given the fact that lots of people are starting to use smartphone or tablet devices, mobile site seems to be the best medium to connect with mobile users. Unfortunately space is limited for mobile site. You cannot include everything into the small screen size. The small screen size is only enough to display summary of info, videos, photos or audios.  Besides, if you are trying to market a product or service via mobile site, the message deliver needs to be simple, fast and accurate. It’s more like selling fast food. Mobile users usually want it fast and straight to the point. The best way to do it is having both mobile site and blog. The blog serve as the main platform where all your content is located. Keep your mobile site simple with summary of your product or service. Place a link back to your blog so that customers or viewers have a choice to read more about it using different devices such as laptop or desktop.

One of the reasons of hosting own blog as your main platform to pursuit for money making opportunities online or start a business is that you are not just selling services or products, you are actually creating your own business characteristic or building your own brand. When you blog, people get to know who you are in person. I’m sure there are a lot of people online that are selling similar service or product as you are. So why do customers like to purchase your product or service compare to others? It is due to your reputation and the impression build. The bridge of trust is being constructed between you and customers when you blog. Thus customers are willing to spend their money on you, even if it is not the lowest price among. This is branding and blog is a great place to do it.



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