Hide Affiliate Link URL without using WordPress htaccess

It seems that many people are still using WordPress htaccess file to hide their affiliate link url. I used to do that but now I found a better way to hide the affiliate link url without touching my WordPress htaccess file. I’m starting to use FREE url shortener services provided by some big online company. My main reason is that I don’t like to burden my blog so much by filling my WordPress htaccess file with tons of affiliate link url. I suppose keeping a simple clean WordPress htaccess file is healthy for my blog as it will help to run smooth and load fast.

In fact I think it’s much simpler to use url shortener to hide affiliate link url. All you have to do is key in the affiliate link url in the given box and click go. You’ll get the shortener url instantly. Depending on which FREE url shortener service you choose, there are extra services that comes along.

If you choose to use McAfee secure short url service, you don’t have to worry about virus as links created are safe and secure. Although the page redirected will include advertisement banner of McAfee on top of the page, but I think it’s still acceptable.

If you choose to use Go Daddy Xco url shortener service, you’ll get details information on the url created. Information like number of clicks, countries and referrers in statistic will be recorded. Currently there are no deadlines on when the shortener url expire. That goes the same with Google url shortener.

I personally prefer to use Google url shortener as the service provides the most helpful information from the url created. Other than number of clicks, countries and referrers, it also provides platforms and browsers visitors used. You can manage all the url created if you sign up a Google account. I think Google will connect the url shortener service with Google Adsense, Google Affiliate, Google Analytics and other related services to make full use of it. As I’m currently using lots of services provided by Google, it will be best for me to stick with Google url shortener.

P/S: Although Google shortener is the best choice for me, but still I try not to fully depends on Google. I try to categorize my affiliate link url and use different url shortener services. It’s best not to place all the eggs into one basket.



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2 Responses to “Hide Affiliate Link URL without using WordPress htaccess”

  1. Dave says:

    I couple of days ago, I was reading a book about blogging and actually I found that there are few good plugins that are hiding affiliate links, I guess this is a good idea as Google and other major search engines do not like affiliate links.

  2. Sebastian says:

    I am only worried what happens when they stop hosting your shortened URL link. Or is that even a reasonable concern?