Help test out the new Ads serving application – OpenX

openXWhen I check back the link to OpenAds, it turns out to be OpenX. It seems that OpenAds has change to OpenX and the software is now at Beta stage. OpenX 2.5 beta is ready to download and they need people to help test it out if there is any bug. Below are some of the new features according to the site.

  • New developer API – Developers are able to write third party applications which create campaigns, retrieve statistics and control the ad server.
  • Faster ad tag – New ads tag is able to serve more than one ads per webpage. This makes it faster, more efficient ad serving and more delivered inventory.
  • New targeting options – New features are added to help target ads more effectively. It’s now easier to pass custom data to the ad server and to use them for targeting based on string or numeric comparison.

It seems that OpenX should be much better then OpenAds with all those changes. I’ll let you decide that after you test it yourself. I did not choose OpenAds previously because it is a bit complicated to use. Let see how much improvement are done for OpenX.



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