Google helps promote your upcoming events

If you blog or website is related to musical, events or tickets selling, you might want to pay attention on Google updates. Check out the blog post title “Upcoming Events In The Knowledge Graph” from Official Google Webmaster Central Blog. Google are starting to show venue event listings in Google Search. In order to eligible for display across Google, you need to add Event markup to your official website. If you are not sure how to do it, just click on the above blog post and follow the instruction. And if you are unable to add markup or an event widget to your official website, there is a simple script provided which you can copy to your website and inform Google to source the events from a specific page of your site.

This is just another simple update provided by Google to help increase traffic and exposure. You don’t have to go through complex SEO which requires a lot of work. Sometimes a simple tune up with the help of Google will do just fine. Remember that you don’t have to get to first page search result to get lots of traffic. All you need to do is to make sure that customers who are looking for your site are able to find it easily using Google search engine. Just make use of the tools and information provided by Google so that users are able to find your site easily. Getting the right people to your site is much more important than getting lots of traffic.



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