Google AdSense Tools are not going to help increase revenue but still useful

It seems that Google AdSense has been constantly providing lots of tools, statistic and analysis in order to help publishers maximize revenue. Just login to your Google AdSense account or Google webmaster tools and you’ll find lots of tools, advice and suggestion on how to monetize your blog or site. As a beginner who is just starting to learn all about making money online, it is going to take a lot of time to study and learn up all the tools provided by Google. In order to make money online successfully, we need to work on content and traffic. The question arises here is that “Is it worth the time to study and work on Google tools?” Won’t it be better for publishers to just focus on producing good quality content?

In my opinion, it is not necessary that we need to learn and use all the tools provided by Google. At the end of the day, these are just tools to help you understand your blog condition and the earning potential of your blog or site. The tools also help blog or site owners improve the earning potential of their blog or site. You don’t have to use or spend time on these tools if you are currently making money online. As long as you are making money online, you’re on the right track.

But if you are not making money after creating lots of good quality content or gaining fairly large amount of traffic, perhaps it is time to make use of Google tools. The only way to turn things around so that your blog or site starts making money is to understand the situation of your blog or site. A lot of free tools in Google Webmaster tools are able to identified your site or blog problems and provide suggestion to fix them. Again these are just suggestion and advice. You still have to take appropriate actions to solve it.

When you have the time, it is best to browse through all the free tools provided by Google. Although it is best to study and learn up these tools, try not to spend too much time on it. Remember that your priority is to create good quality content for your blog or site. When you are having problems with your site or blog, these free tools might come in handy.



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