Google 13 tips to get your business ready for 2013 New Year

There are about 4 days left until 2013 New Year. Google and Your Business blog is giving out 13 business tips to countdown to 2013. Hopefully we can make full use of the tips and make some money during this holiday season. The blog post only covers 5 business tips and it is just the first part of the complete article. Before the release of the second part of business tips, let us talk about the first 5 tips provided by Google.

Tip 1: Create new holiday promotion ads in Adwords

It is always good to separate existing regular ads from holiday promotion ads. Creating new ads especially for holiday promotion is the best way to go. Please be reminded that new ads need time to review and approve. If you are hoping to get things done before the holiday, do it early.

Tip 2: Use referrals data in Analytics

When it comes to data, statistic and website activities related to customers, the best tool we can use for FREE is Google Analytics.

Tip 3: Track packages in Google Search

Thanks to the new improvement of Google search engine, we can now track packages by typing tracking number into Google search.

Tip 4: Get you daily agenda in your email

Basically you can make use of Gmail as there are lots of features available. And one of the features enables users to plan and schedule their daily agenda.

Tip 5: Import slides into Google Presentations

Google Presentations makes it easy to view and present power point slides. Especially if you are on the road without your laptop or the program to access power point slides, Google Presentations can help to solve this problem.

Judging by the explanation from the 5 tips provided, it is clear that we are advice to make use of Google account for business. The reason is very simple. We can do all 5 business tips within Google account. It is basically an online office workshop. I am very sure the second part of the article which introduces the remaining of 8 business tips involves making use of other features within Google account. If you have a Google account but yet haven’t taken the time to look inside, this will be a good time to check it out. Especially if you are looking for FREE applications to handle most of the business tips listed, Google account is your best choice.

Below are the remaining 8 business tips provided by Google.

Tip 6: Use Google Sheets

Tip 7: Create duplicate Google+ Events

Tip 8: Try a Hangout on Air

Tip 9: Add fun fonts to docs

Tip 10: Start a Google+ community

Tip 11: Schedule due dates for tasks in emails on Google Calendar

Tip 12: Save online images right to Google Drive

Tips 13: Use Google Maps on your website

It is very convenience that we are able to run most of our business work online just by signing up a Google account. But once we starting to depend on Google alone or becoming too dependent, we have to bear with the changes impose by Google. This is one of the most important things which we need to think about before relying too much on Google.



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