Get Your Own FREE iPhone App for Your Money Making Opportunities Blog

mobile money making opportunitiesPreviously I post about making blogs viewable via smartphone especially through iPhone. This is very important because the number of smartphone users has increase drastically during this couple of years and that’s going to be a huge market. Lots of traffic will be coming from smartphone users especially from those who are using iPhone.

Besides configuring our blogs for smartphone viewable, we can also get our own iPhone app for our blog through Bloapp. Yes, right now we have the chance to have our own iPhone app for our blog. Bloapp will be providing blank iPhone app in Apple Appstore. We just have to register our blog to start using the service. A QR code will be generated, and we can include a counter chicklet on our blog. The service is FREE just that we need to verify our blog by including a custom code into our blog. Good thing about this service is that Blogspot, Tripod, Tumbir and other free blogging platform is supported.

The most interesting part of having our own free iPhone app is that there is a chance we can make money. Yes, money making opportunities are available by uploading our own banners and Bloapp does not get any share of our revenue unless we allow them. There is a button which enables Bloapp to display their banners 10% of the time. I suppose this can be considered as a donation for providing such a wonderful app. Google Adsense can be display but only under Google Adsense for feed. That means we need to integrate Google Adsense to our RSS feed in order to make use of this money making opportunity.

The idea of having our own FREE iPhone App for our blog sounds great and cool. But the really question which we need to consider is how does this affect our readers. If readers are able to browse through our blog using any smartphone bowsers, why should they install an app to do so? Is it necessary?  I suppose our FREE iPhone app needs to do more than just displaying our blog post.



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2 Responses to “Get Your Own FREE iPhone App for Your Money Making Opportunities Blog”

  1. Jason says:

    I have just sign up for my application, the process if very easy and just require adding meta tag or uploading HTML file. I don’t expect much of this, but quickly share it on Facebook and Digg.

  2. Dave says:

    It is quite interesting, actually the application is using RSS feeds from website. I am not sure it can go viral but definitely can bring more traffic and make some money through AdSense for feeds.