FREE video making tools to create money making opportunities online

YouTube is one of the most popular money making opportunities online websites that enable users to upload videos. Before the release of mobile devices such as smartphone and tablet, users need to purchase a video camera in order to make their own video. Now anybody can upload videos any time and any place with just a touch using iPhone easily. One thing good about trying to make money online by uploading videos online is that you don’t have to be a professional in creating videos. As long as the videos that you uploaded receive lots of views, you’ll make money. That also means you can make money by creating videos using software tools as long as the videos receive lots of views. In other words you don’t really need to have a video camera or mobile device in order to make money online via video. Just go online and search for free video making tools and you’ll find lots of websites and software tools that can make videos or animation for free. Below are some of the websites you can make your own videos or animation for free.

  • Powtoon
  • Wideo
  • Zimmer Twins
  • Voki
  • Dvoler movie maker
  • Go Animate
  • Digital Films

powtoonwideozimmer twinsvokidevolver movie makergo animatedigital films
Instead of just creating videos and uploading it to YouTube to make money, you can try to offer video making service online at Fiverr. Charging $5 for a short, simple and easy video should be fair and reasonable. Just check out Fiverr and you’ll see that lots of people already offering video creating services. Once your video creating skills become better as you gain lots of practice and experience, you can start charging a higher price for a longer and more professional video creation.



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