Free Logo Creator for Designing Niche Website

free image design toolIf you’re into affiliate marketing, selling ebooks or trying to built a Niche website, than you’ll definitely need this software call Logo Creator. You may now download Logo Creator for FREE by just submitting your name and email address. Once you’ve confirm your subscription in the first email received, you’ll than receive a second email which consist a username, password and two download links for Mac and Windows version of the FREE Logo Creator. The designer of Logo Creator is trying to test the power of Twitter by giving out the software application for FREE. The Logo Creator cost $29.95 and now you can have it for FREE.

The advantage of Logo Creator is you’re able to create lots of unique logo. The Logos can be created in just seconds by just modifying from other logo. The quality of logo designed is as good as a creation from Photoshop. Logo Creator actually saves you lots of time and effort. If you’re trying to create a Niche related to real estate, there are a handful of real estate logo templates that you can modify and make use of. A unique logo can help draws lots of traffic from Google image search. This is another section which can help to increase your Niche exposure. One suggestion that you can try is to create 5~10 different logos and distributed them around your Niche website. Use keywords that you target for your Niche website to name the logos. Choose similar keywords for alternative name and write detail description for all the logos. All these information will make it easy for Google Image search to capture your logos and brings traffic to your Niche website.

P/S: Unfortunately Logo Creator is no longer available.



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2 Responses to “Free Logo Creator for Designing Niche Website”

  1. Rian ADam says:

    hi!! I like this web…
    very useful…

  2. Patric says:

    I have use the software and I can say that it is pretty good for quick job. I prefer using Illustrator for logos as it gives me a better flexibility and a lot of options. Actually Logo creator have not been updated for long time.