Free Classified Ads Script and PayPal Assistant Script from World Wide Creations

If you’re planning to set up a free classified website with minimum cost, perhaps you can consider using World Wide Classifieds form World Wide Creations. The latest version of World Wide Classifieds is a PHP script. Download is free but you need to sign up the forum to enable download. Of cause the sign up is free too. There are lots of features in the script including auctions too. Just check out the list of features and you may find that the script is good enough for a free version.

World Wide Classifieds is just one of the free scripts available at World Wide Creations. You may check out the website for other free scripts too. The free scripts including Mambo Game Review which integrates seamlessly into Mambo CMS, Alumni Pro which enables a classmates website or any alumni type portal, World Wide File Cabinet which allows to run a site where users can store and share file, World Wide Messenger which allows to run own free email service and many more. There is one other free script that is interesting to check out. That is the PayPal Assistant which allows managing all PayPal sales. Basically the script can verify purchases and perform actions define depending on given criteria. PayPal Assistant can automate post sales activities depending on the sales type. If you’re selling stuff online and using PayPal for transactions, perhaps you need to take a look at this useful free script.

There are lots of free script and free information online. The question is can you find them. It will be best to check out the free stuff before paying money for them. No doubt paying directly for the products will save you lots of time but it might not what you needed. The free stuff might not be as good as we think but at least we have a chance to take a look and try it out. From there we can understand better which script suits us and knowing what we actually need. A lot of people might just be using free script as a start, but I think it’s good enough in the beginning. Especially when money is an issue, we just have to start out the same like everybody else. Once we start to generate some income, than we can start making our script or website unique.



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3 Responses to “Free Classified Ads Script and PayPal Assistant Script from World Wide Creations”

  1. John Dart says:

    You know those don’t look like bad scripts… Except I have no idea how to install them

  2. Hi Kumo, This is an interesting and comprehensive site a lot of great plug-ins. I wonder though if you know if some of these plug-ins are safe to put into our WordPress? I’ve been hit several times w/Malware virus, and had contacted Matt at WordPress and he advised me one time that I should be leary of certain plug-ins. This confused me a little bit only because I thought all the plug-ins I added to my admin were from WordPress, and he said some are and some are not WP. Do you have any idea what I’m trying to ask you? thanks jj

  3. Kumo says:

    Well, I think some plug ins are created to spread virus or Malware. They are meant to steal info from our blogs. As anybody can create and design WordPress plug in, there will be some people taking advantage of it. So no matter what plug in that you try to install to your blog, do a search about it online. I’m sure if it’s a bad plug in with virus, we will definitely find warning message about it.