Feed your Blog to Twitter using Twitterfeed

Imagine you are active in multiple social networks like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Friendster and you are hoping to include all your blog post there. How do you do it? Do you log in to each and every social network and update your blog post manually? That sounds like a troublesome work. Instead you can try using Twitterfeed to update your blog post to the entire social network.

Basically Twitterfeed captures your blog feed content and post it to the entire social network. You just have to include your blog feed URL and complete the setting required. Of cause you need to provide access for Twitterfeed to edit and update your social network. Services which Twitterfeed works together are Twitter, Facebook, Hellotxt, Ping.fm and Laconica. If you have been using some of the services to update your latest blog post, you need to make sure the updates are done only once and no duplicate content.

For those of you that are curious about what all this is about, let me give you an example. Let’s say if you have 1000 friends at Facebook, 1000 followers at Twitter, 1000 friends at friendster and 1000 friends at MySpace. That’s total 4000 people that you know and have connection online. If you’re able to introduce your blog to all these 4000 people, that considered a large amount of traffic. It is true that they may check out your blog as you’ve included your blog URL in your profile. Still lots of them might not find out if they don’t check your profile. The best way is to show your blog post to them whenever you post something new to your blog. As it’s just a short paragraph that only took few seconds to read, your viewers will capture it. Once they find it interesting, they might move on to visit your blog.

This is just one of the methods that you can gain lots of traffic. Before that you need to work hard to accumulate lots of people in your network.

P/S: If you’re not so active in social networking, perhaps you might request some help from your friends. I’m sure some of your friends are actively involved in social network life Facebook and MySpace. You may just simply request them to display your blog post once in a while.



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