Either Mobile Website or Responsive Design is good as long as there is lots of traffic

Instead of worrying about choosing mobile website or responsive design to go for, it is better to focus on building traffic. Remember that you will still have the advantages if you have a crappy website but with lots of traffic. There are only two rules when choosing the type of website to create. You need to make sure the site is simple and easy to use. You have to consider visitors’ point of view when choosing between mobile website and responsive design. Of cause before making any decision you need to study and research the differences and advantages of creating a mobile website and responsive design. Check out the blog post title “Mobile Website vs Responsive Design: What’s the right solution for your business?” from Google Mobile Ads Blog for further information.

In order to get maximum effect, it is better to build a separate mobile website. A responsive design which is able to fit the site for desktop, tablet and mobile device have limitation because it has to consider all three platforms. Especially when you are competing with other website which is solely created for mobile, a responsive design might not stand a chance. Plus you need to consider long term basis when choosing between mobile website and responsive design. In order to increase earnings by targeting the right customers, you have to choose a platform which specially designs for mobile users.



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