Dolphin 7 an Advanced Social Community Network Software for Money Making Opportunities

social community network money making opportunitiesI talk about FREE social community network software in my previous post “BuddyPress A Simple WordPress Plugin That Creates Your FREE Social Network Website”. Later I continue to check out for alternative FREE social community network software and I stumble upon Dolphin 7. BuddyPress is a simple version which still needs development and improvement. A small scale of social community network will be suitable to use BuddyPress. If you really want to develop your social community network into a larger scale which similar to FaceBook, I suppose you need to consider Dolphin 7.

Dolphin 7 is FREE for download. The FREE version is good enough to create a competitive social community website. The only thing that you have to bear with the FREE version is the visible of BoonEx links. You can play around with Dolphin 7 at the beginning. Once you’ve made some money or decided to invest on it, just purchase the license to remove BoonEx links. In fact you can even go further to purchase the Prime license which includes mobile apps rebranding and many more features. As for now, let’s just focus on the FREE version.

Some of the actual examples of websites that are using Dolphin 7 are,, and many more. There is also a live demo social network which is using Dolphin 7 default mode available. You can try it out at The website is created so that you can take a look at Dolphin 7. I have to say, Dolphin 7 actually is a powerful software which includes almost everything. It’s FREE open source software which enables users to build almost any kind of online community. You can have dating site, social network, video sharing, forum, photo, music, blog, poll, chat, messenger, event, group, board and languages. Judging from the flexibility and potential, Dolphin 7 has no problem creating the kind of social community network that you want.

The reason that I introduce Dolphin 7 is that you get to try it out for FREE. If the money making opportunities is not going so well with social community network, you can pull the plug any time. You just risk paying the fees for domain name and hosting services only. If you’re able to make the website big and generate good income, then only consider getting the license. So does it worth trying it? Definitely.



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3 Responses to “Dolphin 7 an Advanced Social Community Network Software for Money Making Opportunities”

  1. Fred Black says:

    Dolphin 7 sounds like a good tool. The only thing I would add to your review is that if you get much traffic at all, you will probably need more power that a regular shared hosting account will give you. You will probably need a dedicated server.

  2. Robert says:

    Dolphin is a great social network script which offers some unique features like video chat. It is very search engine friendly and can be lightweight without too many extra modules. Unfortunately web hosting can be pricey if include remote media server options.

  3. Kumo says:

    There is always a price that we need to pay. We don’t have to include everything in the social network until it is necessary. Just have to build it one step at a time depending on the earning and the potential.