Direct Ads Selling using OIOPublisher

OIOpublisherI admit that I’m a lazy person. I’m planning to sell 125×125 ads in this blog but I’m a bit troubled with the fact that I need to upload images, set up links and keeping tracks on the ads. That is why I try to look for tools or alternative ways to make this automated. The concept will be pretty much the same as Entrycard. Their system is just what I wanted. Money will be replacing the credits and I get to keep 100% of the revenue.

The first site that I found having this service is OIOPublisher. They have a WordPress plugin version and a hosted option. The WordPress plugin version is very simple. You just need to install and activate the plugin then follow the instruction carefully from the readme file. For the hosted option, you just need to login to your OIOPublisher account and follow the setup instruction. That means you can use their services on Blogspot or other free hosting services too. You are able to sell paid reviews, text links, video ads and the 125×125 ads directly from your blog. Payments can be done by PayPal directly to you. Best of all, the tool saves you a lot of time and trouble doing all the ads setting up and client follow up.

This tool cuts out the middleman and you get 100% of the revenue. You just need to pay $37.00 one time fee for the plugin and gain access to most of their services. You can check out their demo and screenshots to have a clear picture on how this tool works. If you are interested in this tool, don’t rush to pay for it. There is a contest giving out 3 free copies of OIOPublisher that you can join. The contest is due 18th January 2008. You can pay for the copy after the contest if you are not the lucky one.



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4 Responses to “Direct Ads Selling using OIOPublisher”

  1. esvl says:

    This looks interesting. I was just looking for something like this.

    I changed my site a bit.

  2. Kumo says:

    You can try entering the contest and see if you can win yourself a free copy of the tool. Good Luck.

  3. Mr. Javo says:

    This is an excellent tool, 100% recommended

  4. Kumo says:

    Oh, it seems that you’re using it Mr.Javo.