Desktop Blogging about Money Making Opportunities with Thingamablog

create blog or websiteThis is an application for those who like to create or design blogs but don’t know much about programming. Thingamablog basically is a cross platform and standalone blogging application that is easy to use. As Thingamablog does not require a third party blogging host, a CGI/PHP enable web host or a MySQL database, almost anybody can learn to use it easily, especially for beginners. All you need is FTP, SFTP or network access to a web server to get started. Thingamablog actually makes it simple and fast to setup and manage a blog.

is available for FREE in version 1.5.1 for windows and Linux. You may find the download links from the official website together with instructions and details of system requirements. There is also a quick start tutorial which will guide you through out the creation and management of a Thingamablog powered blog. You can also check out the FAQ and forum for more information about Thingamablog. Although this is a FREE application, it does not contain any advertisement. Best of all it’s very convenient to use after things are setup. You don’t have to learn MySQL, CGI, PHP or a third party blogging host which might takes days or weeks before finally getting to blogging part. There are still some settings that you need to do but most of the frustrated programming part already not included.

I suppose simple and easy is what we all look for, including creating a weblog. Thingamablog is suitable for those that constantly creating blog for Niche or a page for new affiliate product. In most cases the efficiency to create a blog including theme design can actually boost up sales. If you’re able to speed up things in this section, than you’ll have more time to focus on creating content and building traffic.



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  1. George says:

    I have never try this software before, but I just started download. It looks like good blogging tool, something that I am searching for a long time.