Common Similarities of Business Story with Google Plus Pages

There are eight businesses which Google uses to introduce Google+ page. Until today four businesses has been introduced and four more to go. Each of these businesses has created their own Google+ page and has been making use of the page to promote their business. It is also consider as a free advertising method just like Facebook Page. I’m sure every online entrepreneurs and small business owners would like to know how to make use of Google+ page for their advantages. Either it is to increase traffic, make money, increase business opportunities or getting in touch with customers, Google+ page can be the platform. The question is how we can make it so. I’m sure Google+ page has the potential just like the Facebook Page, or perhaps better. Well, we just have to wait and see.

Check out four blog posts below and see if you can find some similarities on how these businesses create the pages.

Some of the common similarities that I found are sharing and posting. It is the same as what every Facebook page owners are doing. Just keep on posting updates, videos and pictures, and of cause sharing it out with as many people as possible. At the end of the day, hopefully you will get as many +1 as possible too.

P/S: I suppose the best part of getting a Google+ page is getting feature by Google just like the eight businesses above. Try adding you Google+ page to your circles and tag your posts #mybusinessstory, maybe you’ll get feature if you are lucky.



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